Log Home Maintenance

You’ve got a log home–but now you need to know how to maintain it. Browse this helpful selection of articles about regular maintenance and upkeep.

Fall Maintenance Checklist: Time to check your logs

Fall is a great time to take inventory of how well your logs (along with the rest of your home's shell) are doing. Here are 7 tips to get you started.

10 Log Home Maintenance Myths

Let us debunk a few myths for you regarding the costs and effort involved in your log home maintenance.
You’re probably […]

How To Deal with Carpenter Bees

These loaners can wreak havoc on a wood home, but you can deal with them if you take these steps.

Spring and Fall Log Home Roof Maintenance

Here are some starter points for inspecting and keeping up your log home roof maintenance and avoiding serious problems.
So how’s […]

Caring For Your Log Home’s Wood

You can keep your log home’s wood in like-new condition without needing expensive log replacements.
The thought of maintaining a log […]

Beat Log Home Natural Enemies | 8 Common Problems and Solutions

Sun, wind, water and creatures will all make their attempts to borrow some beauty from your log home, but you have the ability to deter them.

Log Home Maintenance FAQs

Your log home maintenance FAQs answered by Log Home Living's own editor, Roland Sweet.

Eco-Friendly Log Home Cleaning Products

Get the dirt on safe cleaning with these eco-friendly log home cleaning products.

It’s odd to think that the very things […]

Preparing for Log Home Spring Maintenance

Your home has weathered winter’s chill and battering storms. Here’s how you prepare it for spring and the warmer weather.

1. […]

Log Home Maintenance Checklist

Keep your home in excellent condition by following this log home maintenance checklist.

Log-Home Maintenance Checklist
The key to keeping your logs […]