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Log Home Maintenance

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    1808 Bob Timberlake Log Cabin Project Diary

    Restoration of a 200-year-old cabin

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    Keeping Your Log Home Dry | Savvy Builder | Log Home Living

    Summer delivers lots of rain in a hurry, and your home and landscaping can feel the brunt of it. Here’s how to properly plan for the deluge and stay high and dry no matter the season.

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    Low-Maintenance Landscaping | Deer-Resistant Plants

    Buffaloberry (Shepherdia argentea) zones 2-6 Dwarf bush honeysuckle (Lonicera) zones 3-7 Highbush cranberry (Viburnum trilobum) zones 2-7 Korean barberry (Berberis koreana) zones 3-7 Meyer's spruce (Picea meyeri) zones3-8 Daffodils (Narcissus) zones 3-9 Lambs ears (Stachys byzantina)zones 4-8 Autumn Joy (Sedum spectabile) zones 4-9 Black snakeroot (Actaea racemosa) zones 3-7 Catmint (Nepeta cataria)zones 3-7 Coneflower (Echinacea) […]

  4. Chinking

    Choose Your Chinking

    Caulking and chinking are among the final products that go into a log home. And they’re among the most important. They not only seal air leaks and keep out rain, they help protect the home from uninvited guests, including insects and decay. But caulking and chinking will only work well if you choose products that […]

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    Fall Maintenance Checklist: Time to check your logs

    Fall is a great time to take inventory of how well your logs (along with the rest of your home’s shell) are doing. Here are 7 tips to get you started.

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    10 Log-Home Maintenance Myths

    You’re probably aware of the concerns some people have about log-home maintenance. Some horror stories have been told about how homes quickly fell into disrepair and thousands of dollars were spent bringing the home back to its original beauty. The real story is how it got that way. The homeowners were either unaware of wood […]


    Fall and spring roofing maintenance tips

    So how’s your roof? You don’t know? Most of us don’t know what’s happening with our roofs because we never actually climb a ladder and look at them. But that “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” approach can turn into a costly roof maintenance strategy. The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends homeowners conduct a simple roof checkup every fall […]

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    Caring For Your Log Home’s Wood

    The thought of maintaining a log home may seem intimidating to some homeowners. But unless you are a self-proclaimed procrastinator, following these easy tips can put your mind at ease. Along with today’s new preservatives and regular spot checks, a log home can be maintained in just a couple of weekends a year. John Wilmes […]

  9. Log Home Maintenance FAQs

    Your log home maintenance FAQs answered by Log Home Living’s own editor, Roland Sweet.

  10. Green Cleaning Supplies

    The Dirt on Green Cleaning Products

    It’s odd to think that the very things we use (liberally) to clean our homes might actually be more harmful to us than the germs, bacteria and mold we’re trying to fight. Health problems — from skin sensitivity, allergies and asthma to liver disease, brain damage and cancer — have been linked to toxins found […]

  11. Log Home Spring

    Preparing Your Log Home for Spring | 7 Essential Tips

    1. What are the top three maintenance duties I should tackle after a tough winter? Three areas that require attention when winter fades are log walls, your HVAC system and gutters and downspouts. When spring arrives, your log walls might have endured months of freezing and thawing or prolonged periods of rain and cold, which […]

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    Log-Home Maintenance: A Checklist For Maintenance Made Easy

    Keep your log home in excellent condition by following this maintenance checklist.

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    Log Home Chinking | Learn the Truth Behind Chinking Myths

    Unsealed: Debunking Log Home Chinking Myths Whatever the wood species, corner profile or overall style, log homes have an unquestionably rustic look—and no element captures the pioneer spirit better than chinking. For some, it’s more aesthetic, while for others, it’s the more practical reasons (think insulation and flexibility) that lead them to incorporate chinking into […]

  14. Wood Stain

    Staining Options for Your Log Home

    Color your log home with these not-so-plain staining materials.

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    Log Home Maintence Tips | Maintaining Your Log Home | Simple Maintenance for Log Homes

    21 Ways to Make Your Log Home Last Generations Design 1. If you haven’t built your log home, you can help or hinder maintenance issues with smart design. Start by raising the home’s foundation at least 6 inches above the ground (some experts recommend as much as 24 inches in insect-prone areas). 2. Use generous […]

  16. Maintenance Tips for Log Homes – Wood Care

    Maintenance tips for log homes and wood care.

  17. Guide to Wood Care Companies for Log Homes

    Find wood care products for your log home with one of these companies.

  18. Wood Treatment Options | How To: Treat Your Home’s Logs

    There’s a myth floating around that log homes are somehow challenging to maintain and therefore consume hours upon hours of our time and even elbow grease. This is nonsense—and a notion that’s probably perpetuated by someone selling condos or stick-built homes. The bottom line is that log homes require the same amount of time and […]

  19. Picture 10

    Old Wood, New Life

    Reclaimed timber isn’t cheap, but it offers a world of charm and uses in your new home. Here’s how to find it and gauge its quality.

  20. No Wallflowers Allowed

    Raised-wood panels Lending a note of formality to a room, raised-wood panels can be found adorning the walls of many a library, country club or elite hunting lodge. The panels appear to be carved and sculpted. Raised-wood panels require a good amount of customization, even with precut kits, and entail a number of specialized tools […]

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