The Benefits of Basic Log Home Maintenance

A log home pro shares how smart siting and a basic maintenance schedule enabled his exterior stain to last for 20 years without a single touch up.
By Paul Peebles

My family has a place in Middle Tennessee that we’ve owned since 1987. We call it simply, “The Farm.” Twenty years ago this December, the 100-plus-year-old log […]

Protect Your Investment

Wood is strong and durable, but it isn’t invincible. Because wood is a natural material, it is subject to natural forces. The two greatest threats to wood’s beauty and longevity are moisture and sunlight. Although these two potent forces won’t by themselves significantly degrade the surface of your logs, they might set up conditions under […]

Protection for a Lifetime

Protect your log home forever from its outdoor enemies - moisture, sunlight and insects.

Fall Maintenance

Check for signs of damage to your wood home's exterior before the cold weather begins to set in.

Easy Ways To Prepare Your Log Home For The Winter

3 steps to prepare your home for the long winter ahead.
By Jim Cooper

Fall is the best time for some of the routine maintenance that keeps a log home sound, solid and looking good. Sunlight and water are logs’ greatest enemies. They’re constantly attacking wood, degrading finishes and breaking down seals and coatings. In addition, the […]

Don’t Fear Wood Shrinkage

Wood shrinkage and the resulting settlement and movement are not problems but characteristics of working with a natural material. Shrinkage becomes a problem only when the log manufacturer, builder or homeowner fails to recognize or respect it. While it is important and under certain conditions even critical, most settlement and shrinkage concerns are more for […]

Log Fix-Its: DIY or Pro?

All homes suffer damage of one kind or another. Log homes are no different. Some repairs you can do yourself. Others will need an expert.
Accidental Damage
You may accidentally mar the surface of your wall. Many homeowners decide it’s just a “character feature” and let it be. If you decide to fix it, you have several […]

Recycle Those Trees

If you’re clearing a wooded lot to build your log home, don’t hire someone to haul away the trees you cut down. At the very least, they’ll probably make good firewood. But you might be able to do better.

In a few cases, the trees you cut down can be used for your house logs. Just […]

Easy Upgrades For Your Log Home

If your log home — especially a weekend cabin — is looking a tad tired, and a major renovation isn’t in the cards, here are several ways to transform the look and feel, as well as the performance of your home, courtesy of designer Marianne Cusato. Prices start at a few hundred dollars, and most […]

Old Log Homes Get a New Start

If you’re buying an existing log home, try to obtain a maintenance record to help determine whether new log treatments are compatible with old ones. Compatability is important; without knowing product chemistries, your only option is to strip the logs to bare wood and start from scratch. Before embarking on any remedial or preventive maintenance […]