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Designing a Log Home

Find inspiration for your log home’s design, from the bedroom and bathroom to the kitchen and great room. Make sure your home is furnished and decorated right – check out these tips, tricks and product reviews for log home design.

  1. Recipes for Small Kitchens

      Who hasn’t admired those huge kitchens that get splashed across the pages of home design magazines? But the simple truth is that most kitchens are modestly sized and just don’t have room for acres of countertops, SUV-sized appliances, or a seemingly endless supply of cabinetry. Still, that doesn’t mean that a modestly sized kitchen […]

  2. 120x120_866_p24

    Luxury for Less: Dress Up Your Log Home Without Breaking the Bank

    Tips for dressing up your log home without breaking the bank. Our list of affordable ideas will have you on the road to extravagance in no time—with plenty of leftover money in your home budget .

  3. Exterior Motives

      Most of the “living” will happen inside of your log home. But, for many of us, the dream starts on the outside—with a vision of our ideal home surrounded by lush valleys or steps away from a favorite fishing hole. Indeed, building a custom home can be one of the most creative and rewarding […]

  4. The Shape of Things to Come

      These days, kitchens come in almost as many shapes, sizes and styles as shoes. But unlike a new pair of sneakers, when you’re drawing the plans for a new kitchen or even a remodel, you can’t try on your floorplan and walk around in it to make sure it’s comfortable. So how do you […]

  5. Under Spacious Skies

      Norman Rockwell couldn’t have painted a more reverential American picture: A lazy Minnesota summer spent on the front porch, with cool hilltop breezes rustling the leaves on the nearby trees. And there I was on that old porch, curled up in our weathered rocking chair re-reading Brewster’s Millions for the umpteenth time. Recently, something […]

  6. Building the Perfect Bath

      Baths of the past emphasized practicality over aesthetics. They were small, sterile spaces that served their purpose, nothing more. Remember the outhouse or the privy? Though function is still a top priority, today’s homeowners want baths that are more luxurious. They may even come with all sorts of modern amenities, including televisions, music systems, […]

  7. Log Home Landscaping

      Landscaping around your log home is just as important as decorating the interior of the house. Not only can a well-designed and maintained landscape increase the resale value of your home. It also helps control sunlight, deflects wind, keeps slopes from eroding, adds beauty, creates additional living space and protects your privacy.   Where […]

  8. Intelligent Kitchen Design

    The Frugal Chef A well designed kitchen makes everything taste better. Use these tips to save money and time in your log home’s kitchen. by: editorial staff Intelligent kitchen design can be a big investment, since most experts recommend spending 7 to 15 percent of your log home building budget on the kitchen alone. […]

  9. Splish Splash

      We need our baths to be functional, but we also like our creature comforts. “Baths are no longer utilitarian,” says Megan Haas, design director at Gastineau Log Homes in New Bloomfield, Missouri. “Women especially want their master bath to be a refuge.” No matter what your design sensibilities, it’s easy to add comfort and […]

  10. Great Hearth Recipes

    The difference between a great hearth and merely average one is architectural balance. Cook up a fire that delights the senses with these six design strategies.

  11. CoolKitchens_img150

    Kitchen Design | Cool Kitchens

    If you’re designing the kitchen for your new log home, you know how challenging it can be to sort through the overwhelming number of options. The job is an easier one if you consider what elements are important to you and how you want the room to function and look. Whether your idea of the […]

  12. Perfect Pathway Plantings

      Want to give your garden some style? Follow these tips to a practical, yet awe-inspiring, pathway. Too often in American gardens pathways are left bare or else surrounded by lawn or other horizontal elements, providing no visual variety in the landscape. Instead of a naked walkway, consider clothing it with plants. Use plants to […]

  13. Outdoor Decor

    Outdoor DecorTake your home’s style outside There is so much more to choosing outdoor decor than deciding on which canvas loungers to buy and where to place the gas barbecue. That’s just the beginning. The steps used to create an inviting outdoor room are the same as those used to create a comfortable indoor room. […]

  14. A Log Siding Makeover

    When Susie Little told her husband Craig she wanted to move from their rural New Jersey neighborhood to a log cabin out West, he said he’d rather stay where they were. Her response? “If you’re not going to get me a log cabin, I’ll just make my home into a log cabin.” Craig then rolled […]

  15. Planned to Perfection

    When it comes to the landscape design of your timber home, a little advanced planning can go a long way—especially for a new construction project. That’s the tried-and-true advice of landscape architect Danna Cain of Atlanta-based design-build firm Home & Garden Design. It was three decades ago that, as a graduate graphic artist, Danna’s career […]

  16. blackbear

    Bear-wise site selection and landscaping

    Black bears are naturally curious, and programmed to explore anything new in their territory in hopes of finding a new food source. If you’re building in bear country, the local bruins are sure to know – and come and check out the new home you’re building in their backyard. But bears seldom venture far from […]

  17. Designing for the lake, mountain or woods

    Keep your terrain and views in mind when you’re planning your home

  18. Custom doors: Making an entrance

    Whether it’s glass, wood, metal, or some combination, it offers a glimpse of what you may find inside a building before you have crossed the threshold. It’s for these reasons Larry Symons, owner of L.D. Symons Co., a four-man, wood-handcrafting business in Oregon City, Oregon, finds doors to be intriguing. “Doors don’t take a lot […]

  19. Spring Landscaping Trends for Log Homes

    We asked the editors of Horticulture magazine to pick 10 budget-friendly landscaping trends this spring. Here’s what they came up with: Native plants Growing plants native to your area makes good sense. We’re lucky here in Massachusetts to have a broad range of woodland natives to choose from, but that doesn’t mean we don’t covet […]

  20. Picking a Front Door for Your Log Home

    This prominent feature of your residence requires serious consideration when deciding what style to choose. “It’s the ‘mouth’ in the ‘face’ that we present to the outside world,” says architect Jean Steinbrecher of Jean Steinbrecher Architects. “The front door is meant to draw people in by calling attention to itself. It’s a vertical welcome mat.” […]

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