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Designing a Log Home

Find inspiration for your log home’s design, from the bedroom and bathroom to the kitchen and great room. Make sure your home is furnished and decorated right – check out these tips, tricks and product reviews for log home design.

  1. Inside Out

    These days, what’s in is actually what’s out—outside, that is. Gone are the days of trying to get comfy in nylon-and- aluminum lawn chairs and slaving over tiny hibachi grills. Log home owners are kicking the comfort level up a notch. How? For starters, think relaxing living rooms under the stars; outdoor kitchens brimming with […]

  2. Kitchen Now

    Pretty soon, we’ll be building our homes around our kitchens. Don’t laugh—just think about what gets accomplished daily in this ever-changing space. In the 30 minutes before dinner, for example, the kitchen may be the setting for a conference call, food preparation and web browsing. And that’s on a slow night. Indeed, the beloved kitchen […]

  3. Design Your Own Pond

    Just imagine lounging by a pond in your backyard. Sunlight shimmers on the surface. A colorful parade of water lilies floats by. Golden koi play hide-and-seek behind the plants. And the only sound you hear is a waterfall trickling gently over glossy river rocks…

  4. Baths for the Masses

    Secondary bathrooms, such as the powder room and upstairs hall bath, are used by some of the most important people in your life — your kids, your guests, your mother, you. In fact, it’s guaranteed that everyone will spend some time in one of these bathrooms every single day. Making the most of these spaces, […]

  5. Water Works

    Since you’re building a home nestled into rural setting, nothing beats a view that includes plenty of trees, a stream or a nearby pond. You probably have the trees, but what if your land isn’t blessed with water? Bring the water to you. With the right piece of land and the help of a qualified […]

  6. Room Style

    By the editors C’mon, admit it: Part of the fun of planning a log home is deciding how it’s going to look on the inside. Will it be a place where you can release that inner cowgirl, fisherman or Hemingway—or to simply make time for cooking, hiking or whatever else you love to do? No […]

  7. Be Our Guest

      By Jay Uhlenbrauck Photography by Roger Wade Whether building a second home or permanent residence, log home owners take their guest spaces seriously. After all, what’s the fun of owning a cherished log home if you can’t fill it full of friends and family every once in a while? During the holidays, guest spaces […]

  8. Design Tips for Great Rooms

    Celebrating the majestic beauty of log homes while creating a place that feels homey.

  9. Nature’s Symphony

      It’s summertime and you’re lounging on your deck, enjoying the sweet song of birds, the chirping of crickets and the rustling of leaves in the breeze. Eventually, though, you’ll have to venture inside to refresh your lemonade, cook dinner and clean the grill utensils. But just because you’re working in the kitchen doesn’t mean […]

  10. Windows of Opportunity

    Whether you want to bring in a stray breeze on a summer day or just watch the falling snow, windows are your inside connection to the outside world. But that’s not their sole benefit: Experts say that the daylight windows provide boosts our sense of well being. And, with some smart up-front planning, windows can […]

  11. Bathing Beauty

      Designing and decorating your bath is more than just positioning the shower and choosing a faucet and linens. It’s also about creating a room that can cater to a variety of activities (the bath is the original multipurpose room) that’s also a restful and soothing spot to unwind. This bath does just that. It’s […]

  12. Pleasing Pools

    If a new pool is on your wish list, you’ll find plenty of choices. Companies today offer a variety of pool shapes—some have up to 38 varieties to choose from. And when it comes to a customer’s specific needs, most pool companies can accommodate just about any shape or size, whether it’s a custom design, […]

  13. Off the Kitchen

      We’re not Victorians anymore! Gone are the days when the cook occupied the realm known as the scullery and the lady of the house presided over elegantly served meals in the dining room, away from the clutter, the noise and the odors incumbent with food preparation. Today, virtually every client I come across insists […]

  14. All Docked Out

    If you’re thinking about adding a dock to your waterfront property, it’s best to start by deciding what you want from your dock (do you have boats? need storage? want a hoist? prefer permanent or removable?). Then consider matters of water depth, shore configuration and soil type all of which have bearing on your dock’s […]

  15. Living the High Life Outdoors

    At some point during our relationship with log homes, a weekend at the ol’ log cabin was equated with a sometimes less-than-pleasant phrase: “Roughing it.” Apparently, whoever came up with that description hasn’t seen the options available today.

  16. Night Lights

    Have you ever marveled at the beautiful effect of a bright moonlit night on your house? The illumination spotlights architectural features and draws attention to arbors and outdoor structures. What’s more, walkways and entries become easier to navigate, minimizing the danger of stumbling in the dark or fumbling around for keys. Why not make every […]

  17. Land Rover

    by: Deirdre Schwiesow | Log Home Living When you're selecting land for your log home, remember the old real estate saw—location, location, location. Future home owners quickly become smitten with what seems to be the ideal spot, whether it's a mountainside plot deep in the woods or a lakefront lot near a lucky fishing hole. […]

  18. Lighten Up

    By Teresa Hilgenberg So much attention is given to designing a log home’s exterior. Choosing a log profile and the perfect stain to enhance it is a painstaking process. Corner systems are chosen for aesthetics as much as function. Windows are rarely Plain Jane affairs, but more often feature arched tops and intricate grille designs. […]

  19. Window Buyers Guide

    Choosing windows is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a homeowner. Not only will it affect the look and feel of your home, it will greatly influence your home’s energy efficiency. In some cases your log producer may include a certain brand of window with their log package. Often this is because […]

  20. Timber’s Curb Appeal

      With some thought and planning, you can visually communicate your timber home’s aesthetic appeal to the world. Here are strategies designers recommend to bring architectural vitality to the outside of your home. Entry AppealThe front entry area is the most logical space to announce you’ve invested in a timber home, says Architect Katherine Hillbrand […]

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