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Designing a Log Home

Find inspiration for your log home’s design, from the bedroom and bathroom to the kitchen and great room. Make sure your home is furnished and decorated right – check out these tips, tricks and product reviews for log home design.

  1. CFL bulb

    Log Home Lighting Tips – Bedroom

    • Install a low-wattage ceiling fixture so you have the option to illuminate the entire room if you need help waking up (or assistance finding your lost reading glasses). • Use swing-arm lamps or reading lights next to your bed so you can read yourself to sleep—and not have to get up to turn out […]

  2. CFL bulb

    Log Home Lighting Tips – Bathroom

    • Install strip lights on either side of your mirror to achieve the best lighting for preening. • Use compact fluorescent bulbs to save energy costs and to render color accurately in the vanity area. • Add dimmer switches to all light sources to help your eyes adjust in the morning from dark to light. […]

  3. CFL bulb

    Log Home Lighting Tips – Dining Area

    • Highlight artwork, select furnishings, or framed photography with adjustable accent lights. • Aim accent lights at the ceiling to give the room a bigger feel. This also will provide subtle ambient light without overwhelming the room. • Install a chandelier over your dining room table to light the room gently. Make sure that the […]

  4. CFL bulb

    Log Home Lighting Tips – Living Room

    • Add visual interest and flexibility by placing light sources at various heights within the room. • Pair every chair with a high light-output reading lamp. • Use table lamps with translucent shades to add personal style while contributing to the overall ambient light level. • For activity-specific areas (think card table, billiards board, et […]

  5. CFL bulb

    Log Home Lighting Tips – Kitchen

    Bright Ideas: room-by-room tips for properly lighting your log home.

  6. Lighting Tips

    Striking the perfect balance between too much light (think hospital ER) and not enough light is a difficult challenge to navigate. Not to mention, if your home is built from logs, which naturally absorb light, you’ll need to up the ante with extra wattage, plus clever use of fixtures. Kitchen Install low-profile fluorescent fixtures above […]

  7. Lawn Advice

    How To: Detox Your Lawn | Tips for a Green-Friendly Lawn

    Shepherd Ogden of outlines his 12-step program to a healthy, organic lawn. His advice: “You have to be patient,” he says. “The results are not as immediate, but they are definitely worth the wait.” 1.Go cold turkey the first year (no transitioning) 2. Test your soil before applying fertilizer 3. Top dress with compost […]

  8. Storage Solutions

    Storage Solutions – Better Kitchens Six tips to add value and space to your kitchen. by: editorial staff Storage is the best-kept secret to a successful kitchen. “It can actually add $10,000 to the value of your kitchen,” reveals Robin Rigby-Fisher, certified master kitchen and bath designer of the Neil Kelly Company in Lake […]

  9. windows

    Best Windows

    Learn about each window style here.

  10. Green Building logo

    Budget-Friendly (and Eco-Friendly) Landscaping Tips

    Money may not grow on trees, but many log home owners still deposit a good portion of their wallets into their yards. Use these tips to help save your bank account (and sanity) when completing the necessary upkeep to maintain the beauty of your landscape, while getting the most bang for your buck. Know, then […]

  11. Guide to Outdoor Accessories for Log Homes

    Find outdoor accessories for your log home with one of these outdoor accessory providers.

  12. Guide to Log Home Hardware Companies

    Find hardware for your log home with one of these hardware providers.

  13. Guide to Log Home Fixture Companies

    Find fixtures for your log home with one of these manufacturers.

  14. Guide to Fireplace and Hearth Companies

    Find a fireplace or hearth for your log home with one of these manufacturers.

  15. Guide to Log Home Cabinetry Companies

    Log Home Living's Home Product Guide | Log Home Cabinetry Companies: American Woodmark 800-677-8182 Aristokraft 812-482-2527 Armstrong 214-887-2000 Black Cove Cabinetry 800-262-8979 Blum 800-438-6788 Canac 800-226-2248 Century Architectural Specialties 877-262-1999 Closets by Sauder 800-523-3987 Crown Point Cabinetry 800-999-4994 The Furniture Guild/Vanity Flair 888-479-4108 The Hampshire […]

  16. Guide to Log Home Appliance Companies

    Find an appliance for your log home with one of these appliance providers.

  17. Bent Into Shape | The Work Triangle

    Increase your kitchen’s efficiency (and eliminate stress) by employing use of the “work triangle” in your kitchen’s design.

  18. green-space

    Green Space

    If there’s a single tool all gardeners should own, it’s a hand pruner. There are two types: anvil and by-pass. Anvil-style pruners have one cutting edge that cuts against a flat edge (or anvil). This style tends to crush the bark along the cut, however the blades rarely need adjusting. Bypass pruners cut like scissors […]

  19. Playing the Field

    Got a nature riddle? Click on one of the online field guides below to find answers about the bird, plant or animal that’s puzzling you. Start here, at the most all-encompassing field guide on the web. You’ll find info on more than 5,500 plants and animals—browse by type or use the advanced search feature […]

  20. Showpiece: The Leather Sofa

    Great room furnishing solutions to create a cohesive, rustic look

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