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  1. Fireplace options

    One of the “essentials” of a log home is the classic fireplace and chimney, the towering edifice that usually anchors the great room. While a natural stone structure is still the primary choice for log-home owners, there are other fireplace options to consider. The classic is built on site by a mason and is constructed […]

  2. Master Bath Fireplace

    Vent-Free Fireplaces Are an Option

    Some remodelers looking to add the rustic touch are turning to natural gas or propane vent-free heaters, fireplaces, stoves, and log sets. In addition, people building a new home looking to heat an ancillary room (basement, bedroom, loft) or folks searching for heating options for a smaller second cabin are investigating vent-free products. “There’s a […]

  3. Info Center Image 4837

    Colors for Interior Design | Theories Behind Colors Used for Interior Design

    Want to learn the basic meanings of your favorite colors? Here are a few common theories that are practiced in design. Keep in mind that these are western culture values and are subject to interpretation and even religious differences. Black: Best used as an accent or on non-permanent surfaces. It is sophisticated, classy, and somber […]

  4. Info Center Image 4509

    Affordable Luxury for Log Homes | 12 Ways to Add Luxury to Your Log Home

    Luxury can be a difficult concept to pin down. Sure, there are a select few status-symbol brands that have come to epitomize the word, but in general, luxury often means different things to different people. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach for determining what makes a log home luxurious, either, but there’s one hard and fast rule: […]

  5. Charlevoix half-bath

    How To: Add Personal Decor Style to Your Interior Design

    For months (or maybe years), you’ve been dreaming about and planning your perfect home. While perusing the Internet, magazines and model homes, you may have noted specific spaces that pushed the boundaries between architecture and personal style. This progression of personal interior design has evolved from both a need for practical design and the desire […]

  6. Info Center Image 4824

    How To: De-Clutter Your Log Home | Interior Design for Log Homes

    De-cluttering your log home need not be a challenge—or a budget buster. Mix your own sense of style with these professional design tips for a house you can affectionately call “home.” Re-Design, Reuse, Rearrange: One of the easiest and no-cost ways to freshen your home is to utilize what you have and re-design the space. […]

  7. Info Center Image 2727

    Decor Tips for Bringing Comfort and Luxury to Your Backyard or Home

    Nothing says “luxury” quite like being able to tame Mother Nature. These five innovations will ensure that your cocoon-like comfort doesn’t end at the front door. Get a Robot You don’t have to be George Jetson to own a robot these days. The latest robotic cleaners—which are surprisingly affordable—do everything from vacuum and mop your […]

  8. CFL bulb

    Log Home Lighting Tips – Every Room

    Room-by-room tips for properly lighting your log home

  9. CFL bulb

    Log Home Lighting Tips – Dining Area

    • Highlight artwork, select furnishings, or framed photography with adjustable accent lights. • Aim accent lights at the ceiling to give the room a bigger feel. This also will provide subtle ambient light without overwhelming the room. • Install a chandelier over your dining room table to light the room gently. Make sure that the […]

  10. Lighting Tips

    Striking the perfect balance between too much light (think hospital ER) and not enough light is a difficult challenge to navigate. Not to mention, if your home is built from logs, which naturally absorb light, you’ll need to up the ante with extra wattage, plus clever use of fixtures. Kitchen Install low-profile fluorescent fixtures above […]

  11. Storage Solutions

    Storage Solutions – Better Kitchens Six tips to add value and space to your kitchen. by: editorial staff Storage is the best-kept secret to a successful kitchen. “It can actually add $10,000 to the value of your kitchen,” reveals Robin Rigby-Fisher, certified master kitchen and bath designer of the Neil Kelly Company in Lake […]

  12. Holy Home Gym

    Treadmills are expensive clothes hangers. So use these expert tips to plan your space where you can sweat to the oldies, strike a tree pose and super set to your heart’s content (literally).

  13. Special Spaces

    More than just the basics, custom homebuilding is all about incorporating unique, comfortable details (think nooks, lofts, entertainment rooms and outdoor havens). So, when you sit down to map out your future log home, take a moment to add a few bonus spaces. Need a little inspiration? Check out some of our favorite ideas that […]

  14. Home Fires

    Come on. Admit it. One of the biggest reasons you’re building a log home is that quintessential vision of comfort: a great book, beverage of your choice, cozy room and a warm hearth. One trip to a hearth retailer, however, and you’ll discover a bewildering array of new technology, which will leave you trying to […]

  15. Mud Haven

    It’s the unglamorous workhorse of your home, forever accepting any function, wet coat or snow-covered boot you toss its way. Years ago, the lowly mudroom was an afterthought of log home design. Now everything has changed. Mudroom as Entryway While your Aunt Maude will always use the front door, the mudroom has become the unofficial […]

  16. Stop and Stair

      Done right, a staircase offers an opportunity to set the stage for drama and elegance in any home. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be elaborate to be interesting. Big or small, the basic principles for stair design are the same. Here are a few simple guidelines to consider when you begin to plan the […]

  17. Lofty Aspirations

    In a way, a loft is almost like found space. It floats above the action, snatching a layer of living area from the air between the main floor and the vaulted ceiling.     But what kind of living should happen in that lofty space? People use it for every imaginable purpose—office, game room, media room, guest […]

  18. Get in the Zone

    You’d never in a million years start a bonfire in your guest bedroom and stoke it with a wad of hundred-dollar bills. That’s just crazy—not to mention wasteful. But if you’re heating your home with a traditional HVAC system, that’s exactly what you’re doing, in a way. How to avoid this waste of energy and […]

  19. Smart House

    Imagine your log home a few years from now. You’re on your way home after a long trip and decide you’d like things to be warm and cozy when you return. You connect to your house through the Internet, using a laptop or even a cell phone. You turn up the heat, lower the lights […]

  20. Mudrooms: Down & Dirty

    Ah, the mudroom. That ever-so-useful transitional space between the great outdoors and your log home’s interior. Like a utility room morphed with a walk-in closet, mudrooms are great for storing coats, boots, sporting gear—you name it.     Mudrooms can range anywhere from a back hallway equipped with free-standing cubbies to a full-blown multipurpose room. In many […]

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