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  1. Kitchen Design Tips | Fast and Easy

    Fast and Easy Our demand for convenience and fast turnaround has influenced our everyday lives in powerful ways, and functionality of our kitchens is no exception. Thanks to technology, more products than ever address our need to get a meal on the table fast. New this year are high-speed ovens by Kenmore and Samsung that […]

  2. Kitchen Design Tips | Express Yourself

    Express Yourself Regardless of their budget or style, home owners want a kitchen that’s somehow unique. And with all the materials available, the kitchen has become a great place to show individuality and personality. Cabinets, countertops and flooring work together with color and decorative items to create great new looks. The latest in cabinets are […]

  3. Kitchen Design Tips | Kitchens Go Pro

    Kitchens Go Pro In recent years, cooking has often been an obligatory, soulless activity conducted largely in solitude over white or bisque stoves of no particular style. There has been little sense that art is being created. Now, spending time wearing an apron and wielding a spoon is back in style. There are two types […]

  4. CFL bulb

    Log Home Lighting Tips – Kitchen

    Bright Ideas: room-by-room tips for properly lighting your log home.

  5. Guide to Log Home Hardware Companies

    Find hardware for your log home with one of these hardware providers.

  6. Guide to Log Home Fixture Companies

    Find fixtures for your log home with one of these manufacturers.

  7. Guide to Log Home Cabinetry Companies

    Log Home Living's Home Product Guide | Log Home Cabinetry Companies: American Woodmark 800-677-8182 Aristokraft 812-482-2527 Armstrong 214-887-2000 Black Cove Cabinetry 800-262-8979 Blum 800-438-6788 Canac 800-226-2248 Century Architectural Specialties 877-262-1999 Closets by Sauder 800-523-3987 Crown Point Cabinetry 800-999-4994 The Furniture Guild/Vanity Flair 888-479-4108 The Hampshire […]

  8. Guide to Log Home Appliance Companies

    Find an appliance for your log home with one of these appliance providers.

  9. Bent Into Shape | The Work Triangle

    Increase your kitchen’s efficiency (and eliminate stress) by employing use of the “work triangle” in your kitchen’s design.

  10. Island Time

    Imagine trying to build a house on an island that’s virtually uninhabited, an unspoiled paradise with no utilities or roads. Building materials must arrive by barge, and the only shelter during construction is a tent on the beach. Sound like a scene from “Survivor”? For Wally and Toni Leopold, it was reality. “I told my […]

  11. Kitchens that Sizzle

    Kitchens really are the heart of the home, but to ensure culinary success, your design is crucial. Choose your floorplan based on your kitchen’s primary function. Do you love to throw impromptu dinner parties? Or do you want high performance for that chef in your life? Perhaps you’re simply looking for an efficient design to […]

  12. Into the Stone Age

    In an era when the home is as much sanctuary as it is shelter, there’s something undeniable about the classic beauty of natural stone. Nothing is more durable, impressive or easier to maintain. And with plentiful resources and reasonable pricing, what was once considered a building material for the elite is rolling its way into […]

  13. The New Kitchen

    Once upon a time, the kitchen was purely utilitarian. Tucked away from public view like a fairy tale stepsister, the room was devoted to food preparation and cleanup. But like Cinderella, today’s kitchen has emerged as a beauty to behold. No longer sequestered to recesses of the house, it’s become the belle of the ball—the […]

  14. The Living Kitchen

    When it comes to designing your kitchen, are you still stuck in yesterday’s geometric equation? You know the one: sink, stove and refrigerator placed in a step-saver triangle? Well, ditch the math. Today’s cooking/living/entertaining space isn’t your mother’s kitchen. New designs and a new zone-based philosophy have dramatically altered the old blueprint. The results are […]

  15. The Buyer’s Guide to Cabinetry

    Some call it the “wow” factor: the response a beautiful kitchen generates. And at the very heart of that reaction is the cabinetry you choose. These days, the choices are considerable, even at the lesser-expensive end of the market. Manufacturers and custom furniture-makers are raising the bar and offering consumers an array of wood species, […]

  16. Kitchen Now

    Pretty soon, we’ll be building our homes around our kitchens. Don’t laugh—just think about what gets accomplished daily in this ever-changing space. In the 30 minutes before dinner, for example, the kitchen may be the setting for a conference call, food preparation and web browsing. And that’s on a slow night. Indeed, the beloved kitchen […]

  17. Nature’s Symphony

      It’s summertime and you’re lounging on your deck, enjoying the sweet song of birds, the chirping of crickets and the rustling of leaves in the breeze. Eventually, though, you’ll have to venture inside to refresh your lemonade, cook dinner and clean the grill utensils. But just because you’re working in the kitchen doesn’t mean […]

  18. Off the Kitchen

      We’re not Victorians anymore! Gone are the days when the cook occupied the realm known as the scullery and the lady of the house presided over elegantly served meals in the dining room, away from the clutter, the noise and the odors incumbent with food preparation. Today, virtually every client I come across insists […]

  19. Recipes for Small Kitchens

      Who hasn’t admired those huge kitchens that get splashed across the pages of home design magazines? But the simple truth is that most kitchens are modestly sized and just don’t have room for acres of countertops, SUV-sized appliances, or a seemingly endless supply of cabinetry. Still, that doesn’t mean that a modestly sized kitchen […]

  20. 120x120_866_p24

    Luxury for Less: Dress Up Your Log Home Without Breaking the Bank

    Tips for dressing up your log home without breaking the bank. Our list of affordable ideas will have you on the road to extravagance in no time—with plenty of leftover money in your home budget .

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