Value Propositions: Exterior Doors

When you’re building a new home, there are so many items to select, you will literally make hundreds of decisions as you go through the process. Having a firm idea of your budget is critical. Enlisting the aid of a designer or architect will make the process of narrowing choices easier and help ensure you […]

5 Charming Porches on Pinterest

Forget the room with a view. These five porches bring the inspiration outside.

A porch is the preface of the welcoming spaces within a home — a transition area between the inside and outside. It’s that magical space that sits right between public and private space, and the place where you can truly enjoy the natural […]

Protection for a Lifetime

Protect your log home forever from its outdoor enemies - moisture, sunlight and insects.

7 Hot Looks for Your Outdoor Hearth

As the thermostat drops, nothing can replace the permeating warmth of sitting hearth side in your custom wood home — and who says you can’t bring that same comfort outside? For instant ideas and inspiration for your outdoor hearth, check out seven of our favorites. Plus, you can click on each photo to take a […]

Fall Maintenance

Check for signs of damage to your wood home's exterior before the cold weather begins to set in.

5 Porches with Views You Won’t Believe

One of life’s greatest pleasures is relaxing outside on the porch in the warm morning light or a cool summer evening, enjoying views of the mountains, lake or rolling hills. Click on each photo below to take a tour of the house!

1. Big House on the Prairie. If there’s one thing these owners wanted to capture in […]

6 Drool-Worthy Log Home Exteriors

From Colorado to Wisconsin to Alabama, these log homes span the country and vary in both size and style. Think the exteriors are beautiful but want to see more? Click the photos below to tour the interiors and to learn more about each log home’s story!

1. Rustic Living in a Wisconsin Log Home
Most people who choose half-log […]

5 Retreats That Couldn’t Get More Remote





Upsizing in Place: Adding On to Your Log Home

Adding on involves planning, to match new logs to old.
By Jim Cooper

Log homes are planned and built to last. As time passes, you may find yourself needing more room. If so, consider an addition, especially if you’re happy with your current home.

The biggest decision is whether to build a second level or tack space onto […]

Sitting Pretty: Decks and Porches

Log-home living is as much about the living as it is the logs. A lot of that living occurs outside the home. Porches and decks — integral ingredients of log homes — transport log-home living into the outdoors. Often, it’s to gaze at the view, whether mighty or modest, but sometimes it’s just to sit […]