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  1. The entry highlights the various reclaimed materials-moss-and-lichen covered logs, shingles, stone-used on the home. While it makes the home feel as if it's old and a long-time part of the site, it announces that what's behind the door is going to be inviting and warm.

    Everything Old: A Reclaimed Cozy Cabin

    Building a new log home for the ages.

  2. A 15-foot trestle-style table accommodates a crowd. The smooth plank top highlights the wood's unique grain.

    Fresh Picked Farm Tables

    Farm tables stretch to fit today’s open plans.

  3. Use the sounds of water streams to create a 
calming atmosphere. Credit: photo

    Sensory Gardens

    Use relaxing sights, sounds and smells to create a sweet garden retreat.

  4. A main-level deck over a walk-out basement provides elevated views of the surrounding area. Credit: Steven McBride/Hearthstone photo

    8 Inspiring Outdoor Spaces

    Patios, decks and porches are perfect complements to cabin living. Here are a few of our favorites.

  5. trees surrounding log home

    Building with Trees

    Saving trees during construction of your log home can add to its aesthetic, monetary and environmental value.

  6. Fall Landscape

    Fall Lawn Maintenance

    Land-care professionals offer advice to assess the condition of your lawn and keep it healthy this fall.

  7. Cabin ranch rail fence

    4 Great Fencing Options for Rustic Cabins

    Learn about a few practical fencing options to suit your home’s style.

  8. Offset pots

    How To: Create a DIY Vertical Garden

    Step-by-step instructions on how to create your own personalized vertical garden.

  9. Special pathways will prevent worn areas in your yard and give your dog a place it feels it can roam.

    Dog-Friendly Landscaping

    People aren’t the only ones who love connecting with nature: Dogs are equally enthused about getting to explore their natural environment, whether through playing a lively game of fetch or digging through the soil to find buried treasures. Problems can arise, however, when the interests of both parties are not being equally met, from destroyed […]

  10. Log-Home Deck

    7 Expert Tips for a Perfect Deck

    From conception to construction, build a fantastic deck that’s functional, too.

  11. Rocky Mountain Log Homes Stone Patio

    Outer Spaces

    Spend time on designing your cabin’s exterior.

  12. Outdoor Kitchen

    Expert Advice for Outdoor Kitchens

    It should come as no surprise that Wayne Franks, a former executive in the high-tech sector, stresses the need for planning and the use of innovation in his current business, Outdoor Homescapes of Houston. For more than a decade now, Franks has put his past career to good use, first in developing relationships with his […]

  13. Info Center Image 13786

    Good Design: Connecting Your Home to the Outdoors | Environmental Design

    by: Rachel Machacek | Log Home Living A corner wrapped with windows opens up the periphery and suggests a panaromic view. James Ray Spahn photo The first time you set foot on your land — yes, long before you learned of its great value and proximity to local amenities — the dealmaker was less practical, […]

  14. Info Center Image 4695

    How To: Design Outdoor Living Spaces for Log Homes

    With these design tips for log homes, you’ll have an outdoor space that pleases both your aesthetic sensibilities and your budget.

  15. Garapa

    Exotic Woods for Log Home Decks

    Tigerwood This wood species found in Mexico and Central America is great for decks, as it resists moisture absorption and ages well over time. Not only is it durable enough to be one of the strongest construction timbers, but it’s also ideal for building fine furniture and cabinets. The finished wood shines with varying shades […]

  16. Info Center Image 3261

    Glorious Greenhouses | Our Favorite Greenhouse Styles | Log Home Living

    Glorious Greenhouses Enjoy year-round gardening by building a greenhouse. Enjoy this slideshow of our favorite greenhouse styles. by: Log Home Living | photography: Greenhouses come in a variety of styles. Check out our favorites from For purchasing information, visit their web site or call 800-665-2124. See one you like? Let us know your […]

  17. Info Center Image 2729

    Landscaping Tips To Prepare Your Lawn For Winter

    Pre-Winter Lawn Care Landscaping tips to prepare your lawn for winter. (Find out more: Affordable landscaping tips) by: Rachel Machacek During the chilly months, your grass may look sound asleep above ground, but below the surface is a hub of activity. For a healthy spring lawn, follow these quick and easy tips before winter hits: […]

  18. tips

    Design Tips – Landscapes

    Our experts pass along the 21 secrets of creating the perfect home. From gorgeous walkways to great design, it’s all here.

  19. foliage_weather

    Fall Foliage Websites | Planning Help Online | Log Home Living

    Falling for Fall | Planning Help Online Tired of waiting for the gingko tree in your front yard to turn a brilliant shade of yellow? Hit the road and discover all autumn has to offer with the help of these online foliage resources. As its name suggests, this site maintains a broad network of […]

  20. Lawn Advice

    How To: Detox Your Lawn | Tips for a Green-Friendly Lawn

    Shepherd Ogden of outlines his 12-step program to a healthy, organic lawn. His advice: “You have to be patient,” he says. “The results are not as immediate, but they are definitely worth the wait.” 1.Go cold turkey the first year (no transitioning) 2. Test your soil before applying fertilizer 3. Top dress with compost […]

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