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Log Home Building & Construction

  1. Guide to Log Home Door and Window Companies

    FEATURED COMPANIES:                                     Bergerson Cedar Windows Inc. P.O Box 184 Hammond OR 97121 800-240-4365; 503-861-3534 fax: Custom wood traditional hung, casement or modern, including folding windows; traditional multi-lite, panel or modern, including lift and slide and folding doors. Timber Valley Millwork P.O Box 1868 Fond Du Lac WI 54936 800-273-8964 fax: Manufacturer of […]

  2. Build A Dream Cabin

              "Animal Kingdom" Size: 760 square feet Location: Bigfork, Montana Builder: Randy Baker Log producer: Logcrafters Log & Timber Homes   Why it wooed us: This jewel nestled into the woods may not be king-sized, but upon closer examination you’ll see that it’s fit for royalty. Modeled after the Tennessee log homes the owner recollects […]

  3. Saving Energy and Space When Choosing a Hot Water Heater

    Design Challenge: Hot Water Heaters Getting the most out of your hot water heater while using the least amount of space and energy possible by: Rachel Machacek Follow this chart for a general idea of how big your water heater should be, but also remember to take into account factors that might bump up your […]

  4. Picture 10

    Old Wood, New Life

    Reclaimed timber isn’t cheap, but it offers a world of charm and uses in your new home. Here’s how to find it and gauge its quality.

  5. p78_BI_120x120

    Builder or General Contractor? It’s YOUR Choice

    Great advice for picking the right people to build your dream home.

  6. Just Don’t Do It

    By Joe Bousquin Illustration by James Yang Like many people who dream of building a log home, Susan Butler-Colwell thought she could save money if she managed the job herself. "I read all the magazine articles and thought, ‘How hard can it be?’ " says Susan, who lives in the suburbs of northern Virginia.    "I […]

  7. Building Advice: Creating a Budget-Friendly Construction Schedule

    Right On Time Six tips for creating a budget-friendly, reality-based construction schedule with your general contractor or builder. by: Jim Cooper 1. Before I create a construction schedule with my builder, what are the top three secrets of coming up with a schedule that actually works? As you might guess, there are many challenges for […]

  8. 1097236_business_or_education

    Working with a Designer

    There’s a crucial part missing from the dreamy storyline of working with a designer on your log home.—

  9. Running Hot & Cold

    Wouldn’t it be great if new homes came with a sticker on the window that guaranteed their energy performance like cars do? But predicting a new home’s operating efficiency isn’t as easy as taking a test drive.

  10. 5 Essential Questions…

    1. Where will I build? Evaluate the contour of your land before designing your home. Consider the effect of the seasons, accessibility and views. This helps determine where and how to install the driveway, septic system, plumbing and foundation. 2. What style do I want? Read timber home books and magazines, gather catalogs and plansbooks […]

  11. Working with the Sun

    No matter what kind of heating and cooling system you’re considering for your home, you absolutely can’t beat the (free!) benefits of passive solar design, which relies on placing a building in its natural surroundings to make it more comfortable for its inhabitants—exactly what you’re trying to do. That means soaking up the low winter […]

  12. Cedar

    Exterior Style: Basic Wood Types

    Wood species affects the look but not the performance.

  13. If These Walls Could Talk

    Modern materials produce timeless style in today’s log homes.

  14. On Your Own

      Rich Moen dreamed of a log home since he was a child. As an adult, he built his dream home in Goshen, New Hampshire, from scratch. It didn’t hurt that Rich had the dedicated help of his parents in building the 2,300-square-foot home. Although he hired a professional crew to build the roof system […]

  15. Floors Outdoors

    Creating the perfect patio begins with what’s underfoot.

  16. Build Log Home

    6 Tips for Building a Better Log Home | Building Tips and Advice

    Hindsight is 20/20, they say. Anybody who’s ever built a log home can attest to that. There’s always something that could have been done differently to make the home a better place to live, no matter how nice it is. Before breaking ground on your own log home project, listen to the advice of experts […]

  17. Energy Boost

      What scares homeowners most about alternative, or renewable, energy systems is the up front cost. But once the sticker shock subsides and they look at the big picture, they realize they might save money in the long run.“Why haven’t renewables taken off? It’s the same old issue: the initial cost,” says Steven Strong, president […]

  18. Picture 11

    The Cost of Handcrafting

    Handcrafted homes feature logs left in their natural state. They haven’t been milled or cut to a uniform size and dimension. Only their outer bark is removed. The knots, burls and other natural characteristics of the logs are accentuated to create a rare beauty.

  19. The Who’s Who of Building Log Homes

    Your dining room table is covered in sales brochures and stacks of log home magazines. You finally feel ready to turn your domestic dream into a reality. But who should you call first? What should you ask? Before you begin, it’s a good idea to understand what roles log home professionals play, along with what […]

  20. Picture 1

    Best Facade Forward

    The face of your log home should make a great first impression as well as protect your family’s log home from the elements.

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