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Log Home Building & Construction

  1. Wide Log Home Windows

    Choosing the Perfect Windows

    Here are some tips from the experts to help you choose the perfect windows.

  2. Sitting Pretty

    The prevailing theory is that good house design springs from its particular setting. There could be some folks who design an eye-catching house first, then head out seeking a likely spot to build it. Most, though, buy their land first, then seek inspiration from it. Their aim is to arrive at a design that complements […]

  3. When to say when: Identifying when your wood needs help

    The July 2007 issue of Country’s Best Log Homes pondered a pair of key questions and asked an expert to provide the answers. When is it time to replace or restore your logs?Unfortunately, log rot is something that usually moves fast and won’t stop until it has been eliminated. Here are a few keys to […]

  4. Material Gain

    You’re attracted to the traditional look of logs. You love the classiness of timber structures. There’s some cool textured stone on your land that would be perfect as a fireplace or pillar footing. Barnwood siding would be nice for the mudroom. And you have your eye on some exotic hardwood for great room flooring. How […]

  5. Cleaning Logs Before Staining Them

    Whether your project is with a new home or a maintenance procedure, it is important to read the instructions of the product you are using and follow the advice of the dealer who sold you the system. However, whatever system you choose, preparing and cleaning are a must and should be repeated on a yearly […]

  6. Making Log Home Stain Last

    There are several keys to making your log-home stain last as long as possible. Among them is, first and foremost, to purchase quality stain. But that’s not the only key. “Today our sealants are stable for 3-5 years and can be touched up more often to lengthen the life of the stain,” says Sean Gahan, […]

  7. By request: Architects helping create unique innovations

    When you think of the advances in residential architecture over the past century, some of the greatest innovations in both material and design have occurred in the custom wood homes segment in just the past 20 years. For architects and builders alike, it’s an exciting time to work with customers and create designs that match […]

  8. Anatomy of a hybrid home

    There’s this new phenomenon in construction that homeowners are trying to describe. It’s not strictly log construction or timber construction. More than ever before, a mix of wood, stone, and other exotic or regional materials is used to realize a home that truly blends with its natural surroundings. The buzzword currently used is “hybrid,” as […]

  9. What Are Natural Element and Hybrid Log Homes?

    Home buyers are beginning to hear the phrases “natural element home,” “hybrid home,” and “mixed materials home” from producers and architects. So what, exactly, are these homes? Natural design = custom finish“The key ingredient to the natural element home is design,” says Jock Davidson, VP of sales and marketing at Tennessee Log and Timber Homes. […]

  10. A Guide to Picking Doors

    Fiberglass is durable, long lasting and easy to care for. Many styles are available.

  11. Environmentally Friendly Home Rear

    Natural Selection: An Environmentally Friendly Home

    A Florida couple lets Mother Nature be their guide when building a cozy, environmentally friendly home.

  12. Eco-Friendly Design House

    5 Eco-Friendly Design Tips

    1. Be Passive Place your home on your property so that its longer sides face south or north. This will help you take advantage of passive cooling/heating, reducing your reliance on supplemental energy sources. To reduce afternoon sun exposure, minimize west-facing windows and maximize those that look to the south. Shade east-, south- and west-facing […]

  13. 3 Reasons to Stop Worrying and Start Building | Log Home Building Ideas

    by: Keith Hodgson of Southland Log Homes Despite the current housing market, log housing is gaining popularity. As a matter of fact, surveys show that building a log home is preferred by a large portion of the baby boomer population. Every day we hear about the housing market. Houses are sitting on the market longer. […]

  14. Maple Island log-home windows

    Practical Guide to Glass Windows | Energy-Efficient Glass Coatings Explained

    No matter how hardy and efficient your glass is, because there’s such a high percentage of it in the sunroom, the biggest heat loss will be through windows. So you want to invest in glass with energy-efficient coatings that can both insulate the room and block out the sun. Energy efficiency is measured with the […]

  15. 1285311_direction_signs

    How To: Choose a Handcrafter to Build Your Log Home

    Use these tips before you select a handcrafter to build your dream log home.

  16. HVAC Size Chart – Determine your heating and cooling needs

    Size it Right – HVAC Size Chart Use the following chart to gain a rough idea of the typical size of furnace and air conditioner needed for homes of all sizes, including your log home. Note: A HVAC professional should always make the final decision about what size furnace and air conditioner is right for […]

  17. Info Center Image 2299

    Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association – Bonus Content

    Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association – Bonus Content: Learn the ins and outs of zone heating, fuel choices and hearth product efficiency by: Log Home Design editorial staff To learn more about each individual type of heating product, click on any of the sections below:      Fireplaces Stoves     Inserts Log Sets   […]

  18. Log Home Diary: Building Process Slideshow

    Our Building Progress Here are some images of our log home being built. From a plot of land into a full-fledged log home (eventually). by: JoAnn Hennigan Return to JoAnn’s Log Home Diary profile page

  19. Building and Landscaping Our Log Home | Log Home Diary Entry #2 | Wisconsin Log Homes

    Log Home Diary: Entry # 2 Building and landscaping our dream log home. by: Log Home Design | diary by: JoAnn Hennigan Task at hand: Building and landscaping our new log home. Timeframe: October 2005-March 2006 Log Home Diary Entry # 2 Once we cleared the minimal amount of land we needed for our new […]

  20. Planning Our Log Home | Log Home Diary Entry #1 | Wisconsin Log Homes

    Log Home Diary: Entry # 1 Planning and designing our dream log home by: Log Home Design | diary by: JoAnn Hennigan Task at hand: Find the perfect plot of land. Lay out designs for our new log home. Timeframe: Winter-Summer 2005 Log Home Diary Entry # 1 A few years ago, friends of ours […]

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