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Green Building

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    Web Resources – Environmental

    Talkin’ Trash Planning Help Online by: Home Buyer Publications editorial staff Reduce, reuse, recycle—the mantra is easier said than done. But these sites will help you put your money where your mouth is. Enter your zip code to find nearby recycling centers. Browse by type of service or by item you’re trying to recycle. […]

  2. Lawn Advice

    How To: Detox Your Lawn | Tips for a Green-Friendly Lawn

    Shepherd Ogden of outlines his 12-step program to a healthy, organic lawn. His advice: “You have to be patient,” he says. “The results are not as immediate, but they are definitely worth the wait.” 1.Go cold turkey the first year (no transitioning) 2. Test your soil before applying fertilizer 3. Top dress with compost […]

  3. Decor Ideas – Green Products

    Clare’s Wares September 2007 by: Clare Martin This month’s theme: Fantastic Plastic Think a green lifestyle has to be all about natural fabrics in bland colors? Think again! These brightly colored recycled plastic deals will brighten up any eco-friendly abode. (And they’ll spread a little bit of goodwill to boot.) Magic Carpet Pillow Talk One […]

  4. Saving Energy and Space When Choosing a Hot Water Heater

    Design Challenge: Hot Water Heaters Getting the most out of your hot water heater while using the least amount of space and energy possible by: Rachel Machacek Follow this chart for a general idea of how big your water heater should be, but also remember to take into account factors that might bump up your […]

  5. Running Hot & Cold

    Wouldn’t it be great if new homes came with a sticker on the window that guaranteed their energy performance like cars do? But predicting a new home’s operating efficiency isn’t as easy as taking a test drive.

  6. Working with the Sun

    No matter what kind of heating and cooling system you’re considering for your home, you absolutely can’t beat the (free!) benefits of passive solar design, which relies on placing a building in its natural surroundings to make it more comfortable for its inhabitants—exactly what you’re trying to do. That means soaking up the low winter […]

  7. Energy Boost

      What scares homeowners most about alternative, or renewable, energy systems is the up front cost. But once the sticker shock subsides and they look at the big picture, they realize they might save money in the long run.“Why haven’t renewables taken off? It’s the same old issue: the initial cost,” says Steven Strong, president […]

  8. Green Building

    9 Green Building Tips

    Perhaps it’s the allure of the wood or the timeless craftsmanship, but many log home owners say their houses offer a powerful connection to nature. That’s what led Susan and Will Rushman to investigate green building technologies for the home they’ll be building on a 10-acre site about 100 miles from New York City. “Building […]

  9. War Against Winter

    Winter has arrived. Is your home ready to battle the elements? Air and water infiltration are dangerous enemies. Defend against them on all fronts and you’ll stop Old Man Winter from turning your fortress of warmth into an ice castle.

  10. Tips for Cutting Heating Costs

    If you’re purchasing a log home package, you can no longer consider energy efficiency an option. It is now a necessity. The good news: a recent study confirmed what log home owners have always known — log homes are energy efficient.

  11. Officials Calling for Minimum Width Logs?

    Many log home builders say they are finding that some building officials are under the impression that only that only 8″ wide logs and greater will meet the energy code. Naturally this is alarming for those offering a smaller diameter log package to consumers. What’s more, it’s incorrect.

  12. SIPs – The Smart System

    A dream home needs the right setting. John Cavanagh’s new home is no exception. His 2,600 sq.ft. home in Rye, NH, is within yards of the booming surf of the Atlantic with sweeping views of the white-capped horizon. "I’m very fortunate to have this piece of land. We have a spectacular location," he admits. But […]

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