Natural Selection: An Environmentally Friendly Home

A Florida couple lets Mother Nature be their guide when building a cozy, environmentally friendly home.

Light of the Lake: Planning a Lakeside Log Home

An airy Minnesota lake retreat embodies a contemporary, no-fuss attitude that's warm and inviting—and Midwestern all the way.

Merge Into One: Planning a Hybrid Log Home

A homeowner expands his Pennsylvania home by using materials and designs that flawlessly integrate into his hybrid log home.

Planning a Small Handcrafted Log Home: North and South

A homeowner brings the northern way of life to New Mexico via a small, handcrafted log home.

Nature’s Goodness: Planning an Earth-Friendly Log Home

An eco-friendly log home in North Carolina relies heavily on local and reclaimed materials.

The Right Angle: Planning a Mountainside Log Home

Two New Hampshire real-estate agents tackle the ultimate housing challenge — building their own mountainside log home.

Luxury Log-Home Photos

Photos of luxurious rooms in log homes from Log Home Design.

Homecoming Weekend: Planning a Waterfront Log Cabin

A Connecticut couple longs for the day when they can make their Upstate New York log home more than a weekend getaway.

Building a Log Guesthouse Diary: Meet the Merrills

A behind-the-scenes look at the planning, designing and building of a Hearthstone Inc. log guesthouse.

Log Guesthouse Diary, Entry # 1 – Planning Our Log Guesthouse

Entry 1 in Log Home Design's Log Home Diary series.