A log cabin may be more a state of mind than a particular look. For most owners, a cabin is a cozy home in a place that feels special. Here you will find articles that visit such homes, and talk about the various aspects of building and living in a cozy log cabin.

The Mini-Mountain Log Home

A Colorado cabin goes for a lodge look with natural materials.

West Meets East: A Japanese-Influenced Log Home

The cityscape of Vancouver provides Eastern inspiration to a log home.

Worth the Wait

An open floor plan and wraparound porch complete a dream 30 years in the making.

Planning a Small Handcrafted Log Home

A homeowner brings the northern way of life to New Mexico via a small, handcrafted log home.

Building a Log Guesthouse Diary: Meet the Merrills

A behind-the-scenes look at the planning, designing and building of a Hearthstone Inc. log guesthouse.

Log Guesthouse Diary, Entry # 1 – Planning Our Log Guesthouse

Entry 1 in Log Home Design's Log Home Diary series.

Log Guesthouse Diary, Entry # 2 – Four Log Home Design Tips

Planning a log home can be challenging. So prepare yourself with these 4 tips for designing log homes.

Log Guesthouse Diary, Entry #3 – Building the Log Guesthouse

With the floor plan for our Appalachian-style guesthouse drawn, we get started on construction.

Log Guesthouse Diary Entry #4 – A Tiny Log Cabin

With the end in sight, Kent and Midge Merrill add the finishing touches to their tiny log cabin in their Tennessee back yard.

A Small Log Home in Rural Western Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania couple’s snug and sumptuous log home is a delight to everyone who stops by.