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The Do's and Don'ts of Building a Log Home in the South

When it comes to log home design decisions, your options abound. So where to begin? Simply look to your location for inspiration. Often, the regional, or vernacular, architecture has already evolved in response to the local climate and historical traditions of the area. In the South, it's easy to see why a log home is a natural choice, with their sprawling porches and timeless style. So if you're planning to build your dream home in the Southeast, let us offer some guidance on all the "do's and don'ts" of buidling a log home in the region. Dive into this comprehensive, five-part guide to learn more about: 

  • Why log homes are a particularly strong choice when it comes to the South's most common weather events. 
  • How building in the South will affect your floor plan (including smart design tips for boosting energy efficiency in a southern home).
  • Proven ways to protect your home, inside and out, from heat and humidity.
  • The best wood species for Southern homes.
  • An overview of regional differences, plus two popular architectural styles explained.


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