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Size Matters: De-Bunking the Square Footage Myth

A candid look at why choosing a home based on “price per square foot” won’t guarantee you’ll walk away happy — and what will.


Making decisions based on an initial “price per square footage” quote is one of costliest mistakes a new homeowner can make. Yet it’s one of the most common ways new potential homeowners vet log and timber frame companies. It’s estimated that roughly half of shoppers start their search by picking up the phone and asking for a “price per square foot” quote. Of course, the temptation to begin your dream home journey this way is understandable. When it comes to making a purchase, we all want to get to the bottom line — and even moreso when the purchase is as big as a new home.


To further demonstrate the myth of square footage pricing, we’ve gathered the specs from three different real house plans, each of them a variation of Golden Eagle Log and Timber Homes’ popular “Lake Front” packages. All three share the same exact size, 1,566 square feet, with the same quality, but each turnkeys at a different price point.


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