Where some folks see a worthless relic, others look upon a neglected barn and imagine a home with soaring spaces and rustic charm.

Over the last 30 years, the New Jersey Barn Company, located in Princeton, has dissassembled some 150 vintage buildings, including barns, schools, churches, houses, corn cribs and wood sheds. About 100 have been reassembled into distinctive homes for clients.

This Plainsboro, New Jersey, bank-style barn, built in 1845, would have been torn down to make room for a parking garage, had it not been transplanted to a rolling field in Hopewell, New Jersey, where it enjoys new life as a residence.

In these two pictures you can see the start of the dismantling of this building. All of the nails had to be removed from the weathered barn siding. The barn was moved to a new site and reassembled, then the wood was refinished and turned into an interesting home.

For eight pictures that illustrate this barn’s resurrection, see the October 2007 issue of Timber Homes Illustrated.