Wireless connectivity is an interesting option in current HVAC technology. Homeowners can call home by phone or log onto the Internet and direct changes to the thermostat settings. Even more exciting is the fact that the system can “talk” to homeowners or servicing dealers. From simple things such as prompting homeowners to replace filters, the system has gotten so sophisticated that a dealer can call in to get fault codes and actually troubleshoot from the shop. Think how much more efficient house calls become then!

Bryant Heating & Air Conditioning, for example, uses Pureon as a replacement for freon. Units utilizing this newer refrigerant rarely experience loss, so annual maintenance is simplified for most homeowners. There are also dual-fuel furnaces available that can be switched between fuel sources, ideal for people who live in places prone to electrical outages or for those who prefer to use whichever fuel is less expensive at a given time.

Another of the newer developments in HVAC technology is the UV light technology. Borrowing from hospitals and “clean rooms,” the system can capture bacteria circulating in the area and kill it. If a family member brings home a cold or flu bug, it gets sent to the system instead of floating in the air the rest of the family is breathing.

Eventually, HVAC systems will feature new ways to heat. The continuing climb in costs for natural gas, LP, heating oil, even electricity, means that the industry is hard at work in developing alternative fuel efficiency that’s just a matter of years from fruition.