Navajo weaving and rug quiz, question 1 by Log Home DesignWhat’s Your Budget?
1. Under $500
2. Between $500 and $2,000
3. Sky’s the limit!
Under $500: The skill level of the weaver and the time required to finish the piece affects the price of a Navajo rug. Weavings from high-level artisans have finer spinning, tighter weaves and a greater complexity in the design. You’ll also pay more for higher quality wool material.In this price range, you can find a smaller weaving (about 2-feet-by-3-feet) in a simple pattern. If you desire a larger weaving in a complex design, look to a manufactured Navajo-inspired style from a company like Pendleton Woolen Mills. These lower-priced alternatives will not necessarily increase in value over time like authentic Navajo weavings, but they’re good quality and will give you the style you’re looking for.Pendleton Mills Navajo Weaving - Sante Fe Blanket
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