Navajo weaving and rug quiz, question 1 by Log Home DesignWhat’s Your Budget?
1. Under $500
2. Between $500 and $2,000
3. Sky’s the limit!
Sky’s the limit!: The skill level of the weaver and the time required to finish the piece affects the price of a Navajo rug. Weavings from high-level artisans have finer spinning, tighter weaves and a greater complexity in the design. You’ll also pay more for higher quality wool material.

Large, rare and intricately designed antique weavings can fetch as much as $10,000. But because you’re not limited by a budget, any style you can dream of is available to you. And, believe it or not, it can be daunting to whittle down your choices. Be sure you base your decision on the style of the weaving: You should love it at first sight. And determine  whether you’re interested in investing in an antique piece or if you’d rather support burgeoning art talent within the Navajo nation by purchasing a contemporary piece.

Christine Allen signature Navajo Weaving
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