Navajo weaving and rug quiz, question 1 by Log Home DesignWhat’s Your Budget?
1. Under $500
2. Between $500 and $2,000
3. Sky’s the limit!
Between $500 and $2,000: The skill level of the weaver and the time required to finish the piece affects the price of a Navajo rug. Weavings from high-level artisans have finer spinning, tighter weaves and a greater complexity in the design. You’ll also pay more for higher quality wool material.

Mid-range Navajo Weaving or Rug

This price range opens up your options a bit. You’ll be able to find a larger rug with a more complex design from an experience weaver. You may even be able to find an antique piece, if that’s important to you. But don’t be afraid to be upfront about your budget to art dealers. If you’re open about what you’re able to pay, they’ll help you find the best quality piece for your money.


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