What’s in a Package Price?

You may wonder how the price of a log or timber package can be so dramatically different from company to company. You’re not alone. But don’t worry; it’s not as if log or timber producers are price-gouging or that more expensive packages translate to better quality.

Bottom line: You can typically buy packages that include just the logs or a “complete” package (everything from windows and doors to roof system and subflooring). Or you can purchase a package that’s somewhere in between. That’s why you’ll see such a wide range of prices for packages; it simply comes down to what you and your builder need to complete your dream home.

Here’s a solid strategy when buying a log or timber package: When you talk to a log or timber manufacturer about a floorplan, ask to see a list of items that are included in the package. A company representative will be happy to give you a line-item breakdown, and most company web sites will list the costs and differences of each package.

Above all, do your homework when planning!