Navajo weaving and rug quiz, question 4 by Log Home DesignWhat features matter to you?
1. Muted tones (think gray, brown, white, black) and a geometric design.
2. A geometric design with a deep red.
3. An intricately designed background with deep colors.
4. A pictorial story.
A geometric design with a deep red: Keep an eye out for the deep, rich, red-dyed wool of a Ganado Red rug. The red dye is what many Navajo-weaving lovers associate with the craft, and it dates back to some of the earliest blankets of this style. 

Ganado Navajo Weaving 

Early traders provided weavers with the aniline (artificial) red dye, which could rarely be created using natural sources. It remains a dominant color in many of today’s rugs. Although Ganado Reds are typically thought of as bearing a central geometric pattern, the designs that use Ganado Red can vary greatly.

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