What is the difference between a seminar and a show?

 A seminar is a half-day event in a classroom type environment.  There are a small number of attendees (50-100).  An unbiased speaker presents on every stage of the log home building process, answering questions, and encouraging input.

A show is a three-day event involving 60 – 150 exhibitors and thousands of attendees.  There are 50-minute free workshops on a variety of topics (building, financing, choosing a company/builder).


How does it benefit me to attend both?

 A show provides the opportunity to “shop around”.  This is the opportunity to gather and to see the possibilities available.  The short workshops offer a brief look at decisions and pitfalls you may encounter along the road to attaining your dream home.  A show is appropriate for people at every stage of the building process from “just thinking about it” to “moved in and living the log home life”.  The variety of exhibitors offers something for every one.


A seminar is geared towards people who are either beginning their research or are on the path to achieving their log home dream.  In the six-hour lesson, all the information that one collects at shows is whittled down in a manageable step-by-step format.  A seminar offers the opportunity to ask specific questions of an unbiased source as well as to listen to others’ questions and experiences.  A seminar is a true learning and sharing environment.


Take advantage

 We are now offering seminars in conjunction with our home shows, at the general seminar admission price.  This is a perfect way to take your new knowledge from the seminar and to apply it by visiting our exhibitors and asking specific, focused questions about their product and how it fits into your dream home.