log home design secrets Walls & Floors
Apply these tips to the walls and floors of your log home to cut costs without sacrificing value.
by: Charles Bevier

20. Size Matters
Using smaller logs will reduce costs substantially. "Six-by-eight-inch logs offer the same stability and energy performance as eight-by-eight-inch logs," says Lynn Gastineau. "And you’ll save roughly $2,500 on your log package for a 2,000-square-foot home."

21. White Stuff
Drywall is roughly half the cost of pine tongue-and-groove paneling (cedar is another step up in price). So it’s an excellent choice for framing interior walls and ceilings.

22. Halfway There
To maintain the look of full logs without the cost, consider log siding for your home’s walls, dormers and garages.

23. Floor Show
The most economical flooring is carpet and pad, which can be a comfortable option for the bedroom or basement. For the main living space, laminates and vinyl will usually save you money over hardwood floors, though wood tends to wear better.

24. One Step

"To reduce flooring costs, pick one product and use it in as much of the home as possible, advises Royce Johnson, a sales representative with Original Old Timer Log Homes and Supply in Mount Juliet, Tennessee.

25. Underfoot Fetish

Squeak-free, engineered trusses like I-joists can span long distances (great for open floorplans) and are easy to install. Dimensional lumber (2-by-6s or 2-by-10s) is more affordable and hardier in the event of a plumbing accident. But it can also twist over time—making for a house that creaks.

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