log home design secrets Exterior
Apply these tips to the exterior of your log home to cut costs without sacrificing value.
by: Charles Bevier

10. Stacked Baths
Putting two bathrooms back to back—or stacked above and below in a two-story design—will reduce your plumbing contractor’s work, which can save money.

11. Combo Platter
To save money on logs, incorporate a variety of exterior materials such as stone, board and batten, cedar shake, and even stucco.

12. Grand Entrance
For sheer "wow" factor, many pros recommend investing in a substantial timber-frame-style entrance. "You can achieve this economically and still make it impressive," advises Rick Kinsman.

13. Decked Out
Wraparound porches are popular but can cost as much as $25,000 for 150 feet of porch. To cut costs, design a smaller covered porch at the front door.

14. Drive Time

Locating your home far off the main road will give you privacy. But you could save thousands in grading and compacting costs if you keep the driveway short.

15. Walk this Way

Crushed stone, flagstone or concrete pavers (stones that are usually placed on top of sand) make attractive and affordable alternatives to poured concrete for walkways, patios, pool decks and more…

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