Naughty or Nice?Still got a few names that have yet to be checked off your gift list? Fear not! We came across so many great items for our annual holiday gift guide that we just couldn’t fit them all in the magazine. Read on to discover a few more of our favorite must-have presents.

For your
the green thumb…

Envirocycle ComposterIf your beloved is the type to season dishes with snippings from her backyard herb garden, encourage her to take that DIY approach even further by making her own compost to fertilize her fauna. The Envirocycle Composter eliminates the yuck factor by neatly recycling kitchen and garden waste to create fertilizing compost and “compost tea,” a liquid plant food. Plus, the Composter’s compact size means it can fit unassumingly under a kitchen sink or in a corner of the garage. $139.95. Call 888-562-8873, or visit

For your
the Gen Xer…

Trivial Pursuit 80s EditionThose who came of age in the 1980s (and still have the leg warmers to prove it) will undoubtedly make the new Totally ‘80s Edition of Trivial Pursuit a must-have on their wish lists this year. After all, where else is one going to put a lingering crush on Jennifer Beals to good use, or show off an impressive pop-culture memory by answering questions like, “Who got his first taste of sitcom life by playing Ricky’s troublemaking pal Derek on ‘Silver Spoons’?” (Answer: Jason Bateman.) $34.99. Visit

For the
couple from your supper club…

Let’s be honest here—sometimes the best gift is one that you can enjoy as well. Yes, it undermines the whole spirit of giving just a little bit, but it’s hard to be bothered by such things when you’re sharing in the spoils. So why not present your supper-club pals with a subscription to the online wine service Fruit Forward? Each month, they’ll get two bottles of wine (usually one white, one red), along with tasting notes, delivered to their doorstep—and you’ll get to broaden your oenophilic horizons, too, if they’re feeling generous. $19.95-$359.40. Call 888-496-8417, or visit

For your
trusty car…

Scrapper MittinAll right, we admit that the idea of getting a Christmas gift for your car—though it may have been good to you all year—is a little out there. But shhh…this is actually a gift for you, or at least the person in your household who routinely gets stuck with windshield-scraping duty at 7 a.m. We’re pretty sure your Jeep will appreciate the clean, frost-free windows it will get from Eddie Bauer’s Down-Filled Ice Scraper Mitt, but chances are you’ll get more enjoyment from being able to perform this task without risking frostbite. $12.50. Call 800-625-7935, or visit