Schroeder Log Home Supply Inc.
Schroeder Log Home Supply, Inc. is a supplier of specialty products for the log home industry.  Not only does this company provide maintenance products but also has a knowledgeable staff to answer product questions.  It is the belief of this company that people should be knowledgeable about what they are buying and because of this, they have provided general answers to product questions through the catalog and at their websites.  Please ask for a catalog or view the website if you have a need for any of the following products:  Backer rod, Black Iron Hardware, books or videos, Cast Iron Hardware, Caulking, Chinking, Cleaners, Fasteners, Finishes, Foam Sealants, Preservatives, Restoration Products, Sealants, Tools, and Wood Treatments.
To ensure product availability, this company has four warehouses located in the states of Minnesota, Indiana, South Dakota, and Tennessee.

Log Builder Caulk
Log builder caulk manufactured by Sashco.  This log home sealant has a lifetime warranty.  Designed to meet the demanding needs of the log home industry in seven colors and three size containers.
Product Category:  Caulking or Sealants

Log Jam Chinking
An acrylic joint sealant manufactured by Sashco for those who want to give their log home the traditional, historic look of mortar chinking.
Product Category:  Chinking or Sealants

Olylog Screw
Threaded log home fasteners manufactured by Olympic Manufacturing that are designed to be safer, faster, and easier to use than most traditional log fasteners.
Product Category:  Fasteners

Post Guard
These borate/copper rods manufactured by Genics, Inc. that are used to prevent internal rotting of posts, timbers, and logs.
Product Category:  Preservatives

A heavy bodied log home finish manufactured by Continental Products that performs well under many conditions.
Product Category:  Finishes