PERMA-CHINK SYSTEMS, INC., the inventor of elastomeric chinking for log homes, is the largest and most experienced manufacturer of environmentally friendly sealants, stains and finishes, preservatives and restoration products uniquely designed for log homes. One of the company’s newest products, Energy Seal, seals cracks between the logs of chinkless or milled log homes. Perma-Chink Systems, Inc. recognized that milled log homes would have some cracking and leakage because of the natural dynamics of the logs. Energy Seal, which is a refined Perma-Chink chinking formula, is very flexible, water-resistant and comes in a variety of colors to blend or contrast with the logs. Energy Seal lasts for 30 to 40 years and is a beautiful compliment to a milled log home.

Perma-Chink Systems product line also includes Lifeline wood stain and sealant (for interior and exterior); Shell-Guard and Guardian insecticide and insect preventative; Wood ReNew cleaner and brightener; Check Mate crack sealant’s and Sure-Shine floor finish.”

Product Info
Catalog Name: The Log House Care & Maintenance Authority, 27 pages, free.