Whether you have a log home, a cabin in the woods or a cottage by the lake, it’s a special place to get away and it deserves the many benefits of pressed metal panels by M-Boss Inc.
Our panels come in a variety of themed patterns perfect for your rustic decorating style. We have 11 designer finishes from leather and sage to copper and brass.  And because our panels are metal, they are flame retardant, moisture resistant and versatile. Imagine the possibilities:


·        Ceilings

·        Moldings

·        Wainscoting

·        Door insets

·        Fireplace accents

·        Kitchen backsplashes

·        Bathroom walls/ceilings


M-Boss Inc.’s 2′ by 2′ pressed metal panels are manufactured for easy installation whether it’s nail-up to a wood substrate or lay-in to a suspension grid.
For more information and ideas on how M-Boss can make your log home look even better call 1-888-5-TIN-MAN (888-584-6626) or visit our web site.


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