ISK Biocides

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Woodguard® is a highly durable oil-based transparent preservative or semi-transparent preservative stain designed for exterior log homes, siding, fences, and wood shingle roofs. Woodguard’s oil formula provides long-term protection and water repellency by penetrating deeply into the wood. Woodguard does not form a film, as does a typical paint product, which can crack and peel. Woodguard is toxic to termites and powder post beetles.

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Natural Home Interior Wood Finish® is a crystal clear water based finish especially designed to highlight the wood grain on the interior log walls and trim of log and timber framed homes. It is also ideal for use on paneling, unpainted doors, and cabinets. (It is not suggested for floors.) The unique acrylic resin system provides a breathable vapor permeable film that seals out dust, dirt, household odors (including those coming from the fireplace) and moisture.