basic log home plan

by: Leah Kerkman

You know what’s wonderful about log home designs? You can use a standard floor plan from a log home company’s plansbook and alter the layout to your heart’s content. The end result is a personalized home that fits your lifestyle. And did we mention you also end up with the log home of your dreams?

Here, these homeowners share the stock plan they used as a starting point, their customized final design and the reasons for the changes they made. We hope you find some of your own inspiration in their design details.

Click on any of the names below to find out more about these homeowners and their stock-to-custom modifications:


Dan and June LesterRob and Micah Caldwell
custom log home plancustom log home plan
Dave CutrellNelson and Caryl Tilden
custom log home plancustom log home plan