holiday wreathStep 4: Put on the Finishing Touches
How To: Make a Holiday Wreath
by: Leah Kerkman | Log Home Design

Step 4: Putting on the Finishing Touches
fill gaps on wreath You’ll still probably have some gaps between your three rings of cones. This is where your smaller pinecones come in. Use them to fill in the holes between the bigger cones and disguise the Spanish moss coating.

add bow to wreath Once you’re happy with the wreath, you can add a little country flair with a raffia bow. Take about four or five strands of raffia and tie them in a bow.

threading a wreath Then, thread a U-pick through the back of the bow so the legs of the U-pick are sticking out.

hot gluing a wreath Use a little hot glue on the U-pick and affix the bow to your chosen spot on the front of the wreath.

hanging a wreath And you’re done. Hang that baby up on your front door and prepare to wow all your visitors. And when they ask you where you got your rustic wreath, be sure to send ‘em here! Happy holidays!


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