homemade woodland candle holderHow To:
Make a Woodland Candle Holder

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies
by: Leah Kerkman | Log Home Design

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies
Candle holder suppliesWhat You’ll Need:

An assortment of botanicals. Small leaves, ferns and pressed flowers all work great. (free)


Assorted tissue paper. Light colors work best. ($1.99 for a package)

Decoupaging glue. We used Mod Podge. ($2.89 for 8 ounces)

Plastic container for glue. (50 cents)

Foam brush. (40 cents)

Glass container. (99 cents)

— Tea light. (99 cents will get you a bunch.)


What You’ll NeedDetermining DesignGluing the BotanicalsFinishing Touches
wreath suppliesprep the wreathdesign the wreathhanging a wreath

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