Gunter Preuss was finishing up a family fishing trip in British Columbia when he mentioned how frustrated he and wife Gloria had become in trying to find just the right log-home supplier for the remodeling project they wanted to undertake in a picturesque valley outside Loveland, Colorado. “There’s a great company right here,” one of the guides assured him, and it turned out to be, if anything, an understatement.

Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia was constructing Phase I (36,000 square feet) of a 120,000-square-foot home also destined for Colorado when Gunter dropped by the yard on his way to the airport. Bingo. People could work with a visionary architect like Kathy Scott, who had been trying to help the Preusses create just the right place.

Pioneer owner Andre Chevigny came to the property, looked around, and very, very politely told Gunter and Gloria that they would be “idiots” to simply remodel or expand on the modest little cabin their predecessors had lived in. It was like the faucet for creative juices was turned on full, and the designers and homeowners just went wild. The result was some of the finest — and most detailed — work ever unleashed on a 10,000-square-foot mountain home. Add as much detail to furnishings, and voila, the Preusses have a home that is equally warm and livable as it is a showplace.

The rest of this story appeared as a photo essay in the Winter 2008 edition of Custom Wood Homes magazine