With its incredible efficiency, clean-burning technology, and use of renewable fuel, a Tulikivi soapstone fireplace is one of the most environmentally responsible heating choices for your home. Also known as masonry heaters or thermal mass fireplaces, heat-storing fireplaces like Tulikivi are growing in popularity among those who wish to conserve natural resources and trim heating expenses.

The fireplace is fueled with just two armloads of wood, which burn inside a combustion chamber. The soapstone stores up all the heat, slowly and gently releasing it over the next 24 hours, long after the fuel has been consumed.  It burns so cleanly and completely that Tulikivi fireplaces exceed even the strictest environmental codes.

Originally designed to heat large spaces an average of 1,000 square feet, Tulikivi fireplaces are now also available in smaller, lighter models. The lightweight fireplace line features a ceramic and steel firebox surrounded by an exterior of authentic Finnish soapstone. Lightweight fireplaces are not recommended as a primary source of heat, but the gentle warmth radiated by the soapstone exterior establishes a cozy ambiance and is an excellent secondary heat source.

The Tulikivi Corporation is the world’s largest soapstone processing company, as well as its largest manufacturer of industrially produced heat-retaining fireplaces. They offer a complete line of masonry heaters and lightweight fireplaces to suit homes of all sizes. Whether the design is rough-hewn and rustic or polished and contemporary, each Tulikivi model is a sculptural work of art that will bring warmth and comfort to a cold world.

For more information on enhancing your home with an efficient, clean-burning Tulikivi fireplace or lightweight fireplace, visit www.tulikivi.com.