The truck that’s changing it all is demonstrating its power with a new commercial in which it pulls a Spirit Cabins modular cabin.
Spirit Cabins was contacted by WestWayne, an advertising agency headquartered in Atlanta that was developing a television spot in which a Toyota Tundra tows a log cabin, Spirit’s Ponderosa model, to a lake setting.

“WestWayne and Toyota felt that our cabin was just right for what they had in mind,” said Mark Wilson, Spirit Cabins program director. “Their commercial required a cabin that was strong enough to be transported by the Toyota Tundra and arrive in great shape. Since our modular cabins are constructed specifically to be delivered to owners’ home sites, we were a perfect fit. Our ability to deliver a cabin in a short time that met their custom specifications clinched the deal.”
The 30-second spot was filmed in March at Tejon Ranch in Southern California by Aero Film. It will be aired soon in the Southeastern U.S. market.

Watch the commercial here: