Sealing Your Home
Green Building Tips

by: Kenya McCullum

If you’re building a half-log home or are otherwise planning to use insulation, consider using environmentally friendly products like cotton and cellulose (recycled newspaper), which will help keep you warm in the winter without the off-gassing effects of typical residential insulation. (Formaldehyde-soaked fiberglass shards are never something you want to breathe in.)

Also, sealing leaks in your home with gasketing will ensure that, as the logs move, they won’t create air gaps that will leak hot and cold air. That way, you’re not paying to heat and cool air that isn’t being kept inside.

UltraTouch natural cotton fiber insulation
  Bonded Logic’s UltraTouch is a natural cotton fiber insulation without VOC or offgassing concerns.
Orient home around the sun Reduce ecological footprint Sustainable building materials
Reduce construction waste Landscape with thought Conserve water
Seal your home Indoor climate control Indoor air quality
Energy-star approved   Long term planning

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