Sealing Your Log Home
Four green building focus areas for your log home
by: Rita King


Keep it Airtight
Structural-insulated panels: Frank Baker, CEO of Riverbend Timber Framing, says log and timber homes enclosed with structural insulated panels (SIPs) are the way to go. (Riverbend’s subsidiary Insulspan manufactures one line.) “The panels provide outstanding energy efficiency, floorplan flexibility and the potential to design dramatic spaces in your home,” says Frank.Energy-efficient construction: Bob Burnside of Fireside Home Construction in Dexter, Michigan, says a true green building takes into account all aspects of construction—from insulation to how you position your home in relation to the sun. For $3,000 to $5,000, minor upgrades, including better insulation and a mechanical ventilation system, can achieve major results.

Climate can be a huge detriment or contributor to a home’s energy efficiency, so be sure to use your conditions to your advantage. Reflective coatings on roof shingles in warm or mixed climates can deflect some of the sun’s rays, while avoiding placing windows on the western side of a house in a harsh climate can work wonders when trying to keep a home energy efficient.

Windows: Well-situated windows with Low-E glazing and argon gas between panes can pay enormous dividends. Bob notes that prices can vary greatly, and energy-efficient windows may cost quite a bit more than their less-efficient counterparts, but they’ll pay for themselves in reduced energy consumption and savings over the years.


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