Sashco Sealants

Since 1985, with the introduction of Log Jam Chinking, Sashco has been manufacturing products to meet the specific needs of log homes. Our goal is to go beyond quality, to build into each product a unique benefit. As an example, Log Jam is the only chinking that passes a UL fire resistance rating, an important benefit for any homeowner.

Because of the enthusiastic acceptance of Log Jam, we now offer a wide assortment of ecologically safe, compatible log finishing products. But equally important is the staff of people surrounding the products. With five in-house chemists and five customer service —all graduates of our professional hands-on training course, Zero Failures we are here to serve you with the most responsive, knowledgeable team in the log home industry. So whether you are building a new log home or have questions about maintenance or restoration, call us. We can help.

Log Jam Chinking holds a 1-hour UL fire rating, a 10-year warranty or, when used with our stains, a Limited Lifetime Warranty.  

Conceal, the most flexible textured caulk available, blends in so well it’s hard to see where it ends and the logs begin.

Capture/Cascade staining system brings out the natural beauty of logs, yet maintenance coats won’t discolor chinking.

Zero Failures Seminar is a combination of hands-on application techniques and classroom theory originally created for professional applicators, but has been attended by homeowners, too.