There was a ghost on Jackie and Paul Kingsbury’s Crested Butte property. The shell of a hundred-year-old cabin that once belonged to a local ranching family stood crumbling on their land. Originally a home for cattle ranchers, by the time the Kingsburys owned it, the structure was only being used as inspiration for Jackie’s painting group. But as the Colorado snows took their toll, Paul says it became apparent there were only two options: “Either dismantle and rebuild on a good foundation or let it fall down.”

Recognizing the cabin’s potential as a sanctuary for their guests (the Kingsburys have another house on the property), they decided to get an architect involved and save the cabin. First order of business: the foundation. The cabin still resided on its original foundation of rock and dirt—that’s to say, on no real footing at all, “just some corner stones,” according to Paul.

So the cabin’s logs were tagged and disassembled then reconstructed atop a solid concrete base. Due to rotting on some of the lower logs, about a dozen new timbers were needed, and general contractor Roger Cesario of Copper Creek Homes peeled them to mimic the look of the existing logs and seamlessly blend them into the exterior of the refurbished home.

From there, thoughts turned inward. Architect Dan Murphy added a garage to the plan, as well as a laundry room and two bathrooms. In keeping with the rugged, historic feel, new design elements were chosen carefully including a corrugated and aged look for the new tin roof and siding. Local crafts people Bruce and Sarah Hoffman contributed the log railings, and Kevin Tutor built the beautiful circular staircase that sits just off the main entrance. The centerpiece of the home, though, is the great room fireplace, created from moss rock that Jackie and Paul collected from their property.

Determining the interior style was a no-brainer. Jackie, an interior designer, implemented her professional talents and filled her home with antiques and rustic items to complete their artful revival of a classic American homestead—and give those old spirits a new life.

Home Plan Details:
Square Footage: 2,130
Architect: Dan Murphy Architect
Log Company: Copper Creek Homes