Keeping your logs free of insects and wood-rotting fungus is a priority of most log homeowners. Today’s borate-based preservatives have greatly helped the log home industry in providing an affordable pre-treatment that is easily applied before staining.

Applying insecticide/fungicide: After your logs have properly dried comes the first round of protection: borate preservatives. Borate is a naturally occurring mineral containing boron that when mixed with water or other compounds prevents fungal decay in wood. It is also deadly to termites, carpenter ants and roaches – but is safe for people, pets and the environment. 

Borate is applied by brush or spray and then allowed to soak into all surfaces, especially the lower logs (where most of the moisture and insects enter the walls and begin their damage).

Borates come in a variety of mixtures; some are teamed up with additional fungicides, insecticides and termiticides that combat your area’s worst enemies. Re-apply if logs require restoration and before applying new finish.