Log Home Planning 101
Three production questions to prepare you for the main event
by: Log Home Living editorial staff


1. What does my log package include?
A complete list of what is included in your package is part of the bill of materials. It is a key element of the contract you sign with the log producer. Review the bill of materials carefully. It should cite a specific and detailed list of not only the materials, but also the services for which you are paying.

Look for items such as:

  • Wood species and grade for all structural components
  • Type of log profile
  • Degree of precutting
  • Moisture content of the logs when they leave the plant
  • Preservative treatment
  • Type and number of fasteners
  • Type, amount and quality of sealants
  • Grading certificate for the logs, if applicable
  • Quality, level or grade of all components in the package you select
  • Number of sets of blueprints included
  • Cost of delivery and whether it is part of the package price
  • Cost of each item to compare them with the price of local materials

2. What are purchase agreements?

This is the contract you sign with the log producer. It should incorporate the price, payment terms and provisions for canceling the deal. A bill of materials is an important component, as it lists the products and services you are purchasing. The agreement should include written verification of verbal promises and commitments. Be sure the log production company includes the warranty and double-check that warranties for any other products are included.

3. How are logs delivered?

Some log producers include delivery in the price of the package. Others charge for delivery separately, usually as a flat fee or a variable fee based on mileage. To track the progress of your delivery, ask whether logs are transported via common carrier or by trucks the company owns. Other questions will come to mind, too. How far in advance does the log producer notify you of the date and time of delivery? Does the driver unload the package, or are you responsible for having the materials removed? Who supplies and pays for equipment to unload the truck? If the truck is late, who pays for the overtime fees and rental equipment? How much space does the truck require for onsite maneuverability?

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