Refrigerator/Preparation Center Tips

[ ] Give preference to side-by-side or French door refrigerators since they place both refrigerated and frozen sections at an easily accessible height.

[ ] Consider quick access doors to eliminate having to open the unit entirely making it easier to access most used items.

[ ] Choose ice’n’water dispensers in the door as they require less hand strength and coordination.

[ ] Consider refrigerator drawers in multiple locations, placing more storage within the reach of most cooks.

[ ] Install a built-in jar opener for people with arthritis or less strength in their hands.

[ ] Install plug strips at a convenient location to eliminate a potential long reach for those with limited mobility.

[ ] Block out base cabinets to increase counter depth and keep most used items on counter, in tambours at the back to create easy access.

[ ] Vary work counter heights, or include a pull out work surface at a lower height.

[ ] Plan an open knee space or a lowered pull-out work surface next to the refrigerator for seated users (better to plan this across from a side by side or French door model).

[ ] Use a minimum 180 degree door swing for best access.