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A Handcrafter Mountain Retreat - Exterior

A Handcrafted Mountain Retreat

At PrecisionCraft, every handcrafted log home is a work of art. Each log is drawknifed by skilled craftsmen to highlight each log’s natural character. This handcrafted log home features square logs with dovetail corners—a unique mountain retreat.

PrecisionCraft’s log homes are constructed using the Houseal Non-Settling SystemTM. With this specialized system, settling is eliminated, giving you confidence in the structural soundness of your home. This system also allows more flexibility in design, making it possible to design more complex, sophisticated handcrafted log homes.

Work closely with PrecisionCraft’s architectural firm, Mountain Architects, to design your own mountain retreat. As part of our Total Home Solution®, you receive:

  • Custom design and complete turnkey estimates for your

    handcrafted log home.

  • Exceptional product with in-house stacking services to ensure the utmost

    care and attention to quality and detail.

  • Assistance finding a qualified builder to finish your home.

A Handcrafted Mountain Retreat - Kitchen A Handcrafted Mountain Retreat - Outside Porch