In home-building, as in life, it’s best to trust your instincts. Tim and Connie Wilson did just that and ended up with gorgeous coastal cottage-style retreat. Together, the couple built much more than a house. They realized a dream; a home that gracefully graduates rustic without removing the charm of a log home.

Nine years ago, The Wilsons were enjoying a weekend getaway in a small river cabin in Indiana when they decided to follow the road along the river for a drive. When they topped the ridge and saw the property was for sale, they contacted the real-estate agent, had a sandwich while they mulled it over and bought the land that day.

Tim affectionately and appropriately calls his home “Magna Vista” for the magnificent river views. The rolling landscape tumbles away, down to the wide, lazy Ohio, but the home holds its own. Magna Vista seems to have existed for centuries; the home does not encumber or take away from the scenery but adds to its surroundings.

Situated just 50 miles west of Louisville, Kentucky, Tim and Connie built their 3,000-square-foot, rectangular-hewn log home using 6-inch-by-12-inch Eastern white pine from Sevierville, Tennessee-based Heritage Log Homes. The home’s most distinguishing design element is its mossy green hue, a WoodGuard stain custom-tinted for the couple.

Tim and Connie nurtured every detail with their own hands, putting their hearts into the work, making small changes in the construction to enhance the beauty of their home as they went along. For example, the landings on the stairs had to be built differently. “I wanted two landings together at a specific angle, so that it doesn’t break the natural flow of rising and stepping,” Tim said.

Connie has imbued the place with her decorating flair, allowing light, textures, and eclectic collections of glassware, pottery, metal works and coastal ornaments to shine in the rustic home. She has created a space that welcomes and whispers of far away places while feeling right at home. She simply smiles and graciously says, “thank you,” when guests compliment her hand in the home’s comfy-yet-classy interior.

When asked what her favorite thing about her home was, Connie replies, “The porches. I really love being outdoors, bird watching, reading, or just relaxing on the porch.” The Doric-columned wraparound porch and upper balcony are the perfect perches, then, for this nature-loving couple. And Tim, that jack-of-all-trades, had a hand in constructing them, so he enjoys them just as much.

The pride in Tim’s voice is apparent when he speaks of his home, on which he acted as the general contractor during construction. He and Connie patterned the home after a beach house they saw along the Atlantic. He never questioned for a moment whether a coastal-style log home would fit in with its landlocked Indiana landscape. “It needs to be out where it can be seen,” says Tim.

And seen for what it truly is: An example of how one little leap of faith nine years ago turned into the home of their dreams.

Home Details:
Square footage: 3,000
Log Provider: Heritage Log Homes
Builder: Ohio Valley