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2007 Log & Timber Home Show Exhibitor Info

Continuing our commitment to provide our advertisers and exhibitors with advanced marketing tools, we have developed a personalized PDF program to increase show attendance. With this program, we will create a personalized PDF from our direct mail postcard to include your logo and website information. This PDF will be created just for you to send to your customers and propects. The best part is that this service is FREE to you! 

Here is how it works (see sample below):

1. Contact your sales rep to let us know you would like to participate.


Send us an email with your logo (eps file format) and website information. Please clearly state in your email that it is for The Log & Timber Home Show and specify the “Event City.” We need to receive your information no later than 60 days before the show you are trying to target.


You can send the email to Dana Schneider at


For more information about the program, please contact Dana Schneider at 800-826-3893 or email her at


Personalized PDF Example

Click image above to download a PDF of the document