In the good old days, the front porch was where people met to talk about the day’s events. Neighbors would sit and share a glass of lemonade or a cup of coffee. The mood was relaxed and the stress of the day just seemed to float away on gentle summer breezes.

Not much has changed. Porches and their larger, uncovered cousin, the deck, are still places where people go to unwind and spend time in the great outdoors. Only today, these structures are often bigger, providing more sitting room and space for barbeque grills, picnic tables, even hot tubs. Yes, porches and decks have certainly come a long way.

Log home owners know the value of porches and decks. Sitting there stretched out on deck chairs, they can enjoy the natural wonder of their property, from rolling rivers to glassy lakes to majestic forests of pine.

Whatever the setting, a porch or deck is part and parcel of the log home lifestyle, offering the ultimate in outdoor relaxation. Check out some of the most spectacular porches and decks around with this image gallery. Take a look: You might get a few ideas for the porch or deck you’re planning to build.

The Best Of Both Worlds
The rear of this house has the perfect combination of a covered porch and a long, wide deck. The covered porch provides a perfect place to sit protected from inclement weather and also protects logs from the destructive effects of sun, wind and moisture.

French doors open onto the porch, providing easy access to the home’s interior. Massive log posts and trusses support the roof structure and solidly built railings keep children safe from falls.

To read the full story and see more great porches and decks, check out the May 2004 issue of Log Home Design Ideas.

Photos Courtesy Alpine Log Homes/© Dann Coffey