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Clare’s Wares | May 2008 | Log Home Living
by: Clare Martin


Head of the Glass
There’s no denying that the most stunning way to display tile is in a mosaic—but if the idea of thousands of tiny tiles arranged to form an image is perhaps a little too conspicuous for your tastes (or a little beyond your artistic grasp), you can still get the same effect, in subtler form, with Vidrepur’s variegated Nieblas glass tile. The tiny (1×1) mottled tiles are arranged in a random pattern that highlights the understated differences in their shading, producing a mosaic-like effect that’s much more distinctive than row after row of uniform color. (Bonus: The tiles are made from 100-percent recycled glass, so they’re good for the planet, too!)$5.34 to $7.88 per tile

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Mosaic Glass Tile


Textured Metal TileMosaic Glass TileNatural Cork Tile
Textured Metal TileMosaic Glass TileNatural Cork Tile

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