Some refrigerators are locked and loaded with amazing features, like these ones:

Refrigerators with T.V. and the Internet:

Refrigerator with TV and Internet

Eating in front of the tube may be off limits for dieters, but there’s no rule regarding television built into the refrigerator. The newest LCD screens provide news and weather—the 5 o’clock variety as well as local readings: room temperature, filter status and freezer settings. There are also digitized recipes and a touch-screen calendar with reminders on what you need to stock up on.

Taking Stock of Fridge Inventory:

Transparent Refrigerator Doors

Take stock of what’s good, going and gone with transparent drawers and doors—adjustable glass shelves that slide out, fold up and roll down are essential features for easy cleanup.

Hi-Tech Food (and Temperature) Monitoring:

Refrigerator Temperature Controls

With more options than just low to high, these temperature controls let you decide exactly how you’re going to preserve your foodstuff.